Like Father Damien, the founder of Damien Ministries felt a calling to join the religious order. However, Louis J. Tesconi didn't answer the call until he was 36. The first half of his life, Lou was a very successful real estate lawyer who had lived in New York, and then Houston, who earned a six-figure income, drove a Mercedes and owned three houses. He had everything money could buy--and discovered his heart was still discontent. After some soul-searching, Lou decided to pursue a different kind of dream--priesthood within the Roman Catholic Church. In 1986, he sold all of his possessions and gave the proceeds and the majority of his money to charities, and moved to Washington, DC to join a Catholic seminary.

Lou Tesconi's dream was to join the Catholic religious community. When that particular religious community turned him away, Lou created his own community of brothers and sisters who were likewise dedicated to caring for those who were suffering with HIV and AIDS. On November 27, 1991, Lou Tesconi passed away at the Damien Community House from complications associated with AIDS. He was 42 years old.





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A Quote from our Founder

"When there's a missing piece to the puzzle, you find the piece. If you can't find it, you make it," - Father Louis J. Tesconi 

Father Louis J. Tesconi founded Damien Ministries in 1987 and the rest is history. 


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